Who are we?

The founders of Mediflexpro Kalle and Laura both suffered from back pain. They both sat in front of a computer for eight hours a day because of their jobs. Having to sit eight hours a day in front of a computer started to really strain Kalle’s and Laura’s backs. The worst thing about the back pain is that the pain won’t go away by itself, it will just get worse. In their free time they both tried to exercise to relieve their back pain, but every time they got back to work and sat in front of the computer, the back pain came back. Kalle started to lose sleep because of the pain. This affected his job performance and that triggered stress about the whole situation. The stress made the back pain worse and because of that Kalle was trapped in a vicious cycle. Kalle and Laura both started to try different things to stop the back pain.

The main problem they had was that they had to try to keep their back posture straight the whole time they were working. It was really hard without help. So they tried an app that reminded them to keep their posture straight after every 30 minutes. That didn’t work because the reminder app kept interrupting their work. It also didn’t help them to keep their posture straight. Next, they tried a whole bunch of different kind of massages, doctor appointments, physical therapists, and chiropractors. None of them really had a solution for their problem. 

After Kalle and Laura had tried everything they could think of they had an amazing idea. What if they designed a posture corrector that would keep their posture straight. They started working on that idea.

The next month Kalle and Laura tried on their first posture corrector and they were amazed. The pain was gone instantly and they both had straight backs. It did not take 10 years to get a proper posture. They started using the posture correctors all the time and the quality of their lives improved significantly. After a week or so both of them said that their back pain was completely gone.

The crazy thing was that both of them said that they got a lot more self-confident. That is because having a straight posture will make you much taller and more attractive. They were so amazed by the results that they gave their family and friends a few posture correctors to try on. The feedback was stunning and everybody said that the posture corrector was exactly what they were looking for. Kalle and Laura hadn’t realized that a lot of people were suffering from the same condition that they were suffering from before the posture correctors.

After Kalle and Laura realized that they had the solution for a common problem they launched a posture corrector brand called Mediflexpro. They contacted the best professionals who were manufacturing posture correctors. That’s why Mediflexpro posture corrector is CE, FDA and BV certified. Kalle and Laura designed the posture corrector to be light, durable, comfortable and easy to use. Laura wanted to use the posture corrector under her shirt and that’s why the posture corrector was designed to be almost invisible.

Kalle and Laura wanted to help as many people as they could so they made the posture corrector super affordable. They got their perfect posture back without expensive doctor appointments, chiropractors, and physical therapists. So can YOU. You will save tens of thousands just like Kalle and Laura did.

Now a lot of people have fixed their posture with the help of Mediflexpro posture corrector. Kalle and Laura are planning to help over 10 million people to get their posture back. Kalle and Laura both know what it’s like to suffer from back pain and now they also know what it feels like to not suffer from back pain. Trust them when they are saying that it’s better to correct your posture and live without back pain. There is no cheaper and more effective way to fix your posture. Kalle and Laura are here to help YOU.

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What people are saying about us?

love Mediflexpro brace! I researched many braces and this is the one that I choose, which I am very pleased that I did. I would definitely recommend this brace to anyone who sits behind a desk all day. I can tell a difference after wearing it for two days

Sebastian Amstrong

Medical laboratory scientist

I’m a person who sits 12 hours a day working on the computer.
I’ve been slouching over the keyboard because I never really cared about my body posture.
Last year I started suffering from back pain and it just got worse.
I tried chiropractor but it didn’t help.
I started searching solutions from the internet and I found MediflexPro on Amazon.
After I started using the posture corrector my back pain was gone. Jacob Sahlman

CEO of Social Media marketing Agency

What can I say? I LOVE this posture corrector!”
“I had tried other brands they do not come even close to delivering results!
“My posture has improved and I feel more self-confident.
“The posture corrector is super high quality and heek even stylish…
“Now, everybody wants to use the posture corrector in my family. My 11-year-old son “steals” mine even though he has a pretty good posture…
“ALL in all…a FANTASTIC product!
Thank you! Elva Krouse

House Mom